Saturday 5 September 2015

Happy Janamashtami...Peep into Krishna's past through Jhanki.....

I have been celebrating Janmashtami from childhood.It is one of my favorite festivals.On this day most of the devotees keep fast including me.Krishna Jhanki adds a flavor to the celebration.The devotees get immersed in the thoughts of Krishna by seeing and making them.It is one of the most vital aspects of the Janmashtami celebrations. Krishna is the most lovable deity as he is the naughtiest and his mischievous act bring a smile on our face.His life story depicts how small things in Life is treasure and how those things fills our life with happiness.His small lies for a bowl of makhan shows innocence.Though we are in scientific world and we need explanation and proof to believe in anything but when comes to our beloved Krishna we always believe in his celestial powers and that it plays an influential role in our lives. The love towards him makes all devotees to celebrate Janmashtami with pomp, enthusiasm and to make special Janmashtami Jhankis.

The word 'jhanki' means to look into the past. Hence, Janmashtami jhankis are arranged on the different themes relating to the past life of the Lord Krishna, his childhood, boyhood, his raas leela and other incidents of his life.The most important arrangement for Janmashtami celebration is that of baby Krishna. Hence, special stress is given on jhankis showing scenes from Lord Krishna's childhood. Besides, devotees also make beautiful 'jhulans' or cradles for the baby Bal Gopal.

This Janamashtami celebration I too decided to make Krishna Jhanki.I always want to make from a long time but due to busy life schedule I always took print of Krishna's life and pasted on the walls.This time I made Jhankis the miniature representation of a Krishna's Life. Jhanki has a hut made of clay where the humans are represented by clay dolls and toy dolls.

Lord Krishna was born to destroy the cruel King Kansa. Devaki was married to Vasudev. Kansa came to know that he will be killed by the eighth child of Devaki so he put his sister Devaki and her husband behind bars. He did not want to take any chance and killed each and every child of Devaki, until the eighth child was born, the guards fell fast asleep and Vasudev's chain fell off his hands and feet. Wasting no time, Vasudev picked up the newborn baby, and carrying it in a basket, he started towards Gokul. Gokul was a village of cowherds, located across the Yamuna river, where his friend Nanda lived.The below Jhanki represent Vasudev carrying baby Krishna out of the prison cell in a basket.
Radha and Krishna were immortal lovers.We have heard lot of stories telling about their true love.Radha's devotion and dedication towards Krishna was very sincere and that is why we call Radhe Krishna.My Jhanki cannot be complete without them.
Yashoda and Krishna bond is very amazing and very dear to me as I am also a mum of a 3 year old.Krishna was a very naughty boy and every day he will do some or the other mischief. Yashoda gets fed-up and ties him with rope so that he stops and listen to her.When my son saw this Jhanki he told mamma baby is saying sorry.Please untie him.
All the farmers used to spend lot of time in doing preparation to please Indra.Krishna told them that we should do our Karma that is taking care of our cattle and land.People got convinced with Krishna and didnt do anything.Indra got angry.lord Krishna lifted Govardan Parvat on the tip of his finger to protect his people and lovely animals.This Jhanki represent his strength and celestial powers.

Evening starts with Krishna's abhisheka bathing with different liquids like yogurt,honey, ghee and fruit juices.I cook some special prasadam for my Krishna and pray to him.One thing I would like to say engage your kids in all these activities it will help them in making a spiritual person and also it will bind them to our precious culture.You can engage your children in making Jhankis,cooking prasadam,making garlands,birthday card etc.I took help of my son in almost all the things.He shared all his toys with me.Sing and dance chanting Hare Krishna with your family and have a blessed Janamashtami.

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